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BUMPDATE // 30 Weeks

Third trimester here I am! I’m officially 31 weeks today but took these pictures last week when I was 30 weeks. I had a check-up today and heard the baby’s heartbeat. I’m thankful he’s sounding good and is still moving a lot!

Other updates:

  • I’m hungry all the time. Shredded frosted wheat with milk is my go-to snack right now. 
  • Up 21 lbs
  • I’m measuring a week ahead but still in the “normal” range.
  • We settled on a middle name but waiting to meet Baby to pick out his first name. 
  • I’m having major brain fog. I missed some work calls, misplace my phone frequently, and forget what I’m doing in the middle of a task haha.
  • The baby is the size of a large cabbage!

Dear Baby,

I’m so excited to meet you! We have less than 2 months to go. If you are anything like your brothers, you will be close or over 9 pounds! I pray you are a healthy, happy baby and are very good at sleeping! It will be a new experience to have a baby right before Christmas but you will be my favorite gift ever! We all continue to pray for you every night!

Love, Mama

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