BUMPDATE // 2nd Trimester

My second trimester has gone well! I stopped feeling sick and felt a little more energetic. I have been way more tired overall with this 3rd though. It might be a combination of my age and having 2 kids already! It also helped that summer came and we planned a trip out east to visit my sister and go to the beach. Thankfully we could keep safe (with covid) by driving there and staying at a beach house. I also celebrated my birthday while I was there. I never thought I’d be pregnant at 37 but here we are!

Other updates:

  • Cravings include anything sour or tart like candy, green apples, lemonade, greek yogurt, cranberries
  • Up 15 lbs so far
  • Definitely more aches and pains and have to wake up in order to flip over at night.
  • We have 3-4 top names. I like to wait til I meet the baby to make the final decision! 
  • It’s been difficult to drink enough water!
  • At 25 weeks, the baby was the size of a rutabaga

Dear Baby,

It’s so fun feeling you move around and be so active! It’s especially fun to have your brothers feel your kicks. They get so excited and say “Whoa! That was a big one!” I can’t wait until you can play with them. It’s hard to believe we are over halfway there! I started working on your nursery and it’s been so fun dreaming about you in it. I still need to get a lot of stuff though so you have to stay put a little while longer! The boys pray for you every night and it makes me so happy. We all love you.

Love, Mama

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