BUMPDATE // 1st Trimester

It was definitely an interesting 1st trimester being in quarantine, working a full-time job, and doing distance learning with a 2nd grader and Kindergartener. Also due to covid, I got switched to a new project at work. One that was very technical and not clearly defined. Since my husband’s job is deemed essential, he continued to go to work while I was at home managing phone meetings and school. Overwhelmed, nauseous and tired is not a very good combination! Some days were great, others not so much. But I was so grateful for being able to get pregnant and spend more time with my boys that I tried to refrain from complaining and instead told myself it was just a phase. The school year ended early thankfully and I felt a weight lifted off of me as it started to warm up outside and I started to feel better.

Around the 12 week mark, I got to see the baby again. It was amazing how much he grew and was wiggling around so much on the screen. I couldn’t feel his kicks yet but it was very reassuring to see him. We did the genetic screen test at the same time and found out he was a boy!

We told the boys I was pregnant right after I saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks. They had an inkling since I hadn’t been feeling good and told them I would be going to the doctor. Plus they had been praying the entire time I was going through IVF for a little sister. haha Well they got one prayer answered!

It was so fun telling friends and family. The shock on their faces was priceless. I still can’t believe it myself!

Dear Baby,

It feels like a long journey to get you and one that I wasn’t ever sure was going to happen but we are so excited, blessed, and thankful you are now on your way to us. I pray you are the perfect fit to our family and know how much you are loved. I know your brothers are going to be so good to you. They talk to you already to say “Hi Baby!”. It’s so cute.

Love, Mama

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