This kid is continually cracking us up. I had to write these down – I do not want to forget these insights into this 2 year old’s mind.

On Talullah (our dog):
“I beat Oolly up?”

On meals:
“I eat applesauce naked!”

On grandma’s house:
“I go Nano’s house eat popcorn.”

On playing outside:
“No want go outside. It’s too bright in my eyes!”

On sweets:
“I need chocolate in my mouth!”

The day after celebrating my birthday:
“Where’d your birthday go?”

Telling me what he did that day:
“I farted at GG’s house.”

After watching The Sandlot (thanks for that Mom!):
“Scared a monster doggie!”

On airplanes:
“I fly the airplane? Is that a promise?”

After asking for the iPad:
“Thank you Mommy. You a nice Mommy.”

On bedtime:
“I just wake up!”

Questions for his brother:
“Liam, you get bigger?”


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