I am definitely no expert at this but I’ve been asked to do a post like this for awhile and have learned some things here and there so hopefully this helps you!

1) Good Lighting This differs a little between outside and inside shooting but lately we’ve been inside A LOT (some redundant comment about the horrid weather in MN). I try to place Jack facing the light source (window or lamp) – in other words I stand between him and the light. Obviously I don’t want to put weird shadows on him so I try to position myself to the right or left of the light hitting his face. This is in an ideal situation and only if your little decides to keep facing the light which they won’t for long. But I’ve also found those captures from the back or his face turned to the side to see his cute little profile are lovely too. Either way you will be moving around a lot and will probably find that those shots that you are between him and the light turn out a lot better.

2) Fast shutter speed For those familiar with shutter speed, keep it fast! I’m talking 1/250 or faster. If your little never stops moving like mine, you need the fast shutter to make sure you don’t have blurry photos. To compensate for the fast shutter, make your aperture low and your ISO high. And for those of you not familiar with these terms go here, here and here! I was there not that long ago and this helped me a ton when I first started.

3) Distractions You need them. An extra person aka Daddy is the best but if you are left to your own devices, make sure you have their favorite things around. For Jack that includes our doggie Talullah, my iPhone, his blankie, several nuks, and any toy that plays music. So sometimes I hold Talullah in one hand and shoot with the other. I probably look utterly ridiculous and it’s actually quite hard to balance the camera, but if I get the shot, then that’s what matters! And honestly who cares if they have a “prop” in the photo. If their smiling face is in the photo, no one will notice the remote/tape roll/sippy cup anyway.

4) Keep them busy This is related to #3 but more what I mean here is have them DO an activity. Go to the park, to the zoo, on a walk, or just play with blocks. That way they will probably be less crabby about you always directing them to look your way and getting in their face with a giant eye.

5) Keep snapping! Most of my pictures look like the ones below. It’s typical that one or two out of 50 will actually turn out so just don’t give up. Your little is probably pretty determined so take some pointers from him/her. Yes your little may need a snack break from time to time but then get back at it, have fun and snap away!

And if you have questions, ask in the comments!

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