Since Jack’s first birthday is right around the corner, I’ve been contemplating my life now as a Mom. It’s been quite a journey into motherhood. There really was no gear-up for it, sure 9 months of logically knowing there will be a baby around but you don’t know what that means until it happens. And then BAM! You are in shock, in awe, and in love.

In an attempt to organize my thoughts and feelings, I wrote 3 things I miss from pre-Jack days and 3 things I couldn’t care less about since becoming a Mama:


1) Going to the movies I literally have not seen a movie in the theater since I was pregnant. I know the exact movie too: The Vow. At least the last movie I saw had some good eye candy. Although I really could not tell you what happened. I remember watching my stomach move more than the movie. I do really miss going though – something about getting candy and popcorn and seeing the big screen is exciting. I remember in the early days of Jack trying to convince D that we should all go to a movie. He looked at me like I was insane. And something just feels wrong about going to a movie on date night.

2) Sunday Bumday Sundays used to be our lazy day. It consisted of changing back into pajamas after church, dozing off in front of the game, and then the standard pizza in bed. Now it’s run around after Jack, feed Jack, pick up Jack, and finally when you think he goes down for a nap and you sit down and drift off…. WAHHH! Then repeat.

3) Sweet Slumber Needs no explanation. The bags under my eyes are constant reminders that my days of perfect slumber are over.


1) Late nights out It might have something to do with #3 above^^ but I really could care less about staying out late with friends. Coffee dates are more fun anyway. [insert you know you’re getting old when]

2) Working 24/7 Between the ages of 23 and 27 I was a work-aholic. If I wasn’t working, doing freelance, or blogging, I was working on a project TO blog. Work was life. But becoming a mom has put into perspective what is really important and helped me to live a more balanced life. Yes it requires more planning and prioritizing but sometimes I feel more productive then the days of non-stop work.

3) Being all about me Becoming a wife and mom pointed out how selfish I really am (something I’m workin on). But to sacrifice your own comfort, freedom, and time for another person is love. I wouldn’t trade that kind of love for all the freedom in the world.

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