I finally got some of my instagrams printed and was so excited when they arrived but then there they sat in a pile. Hmmm what to do with them?? In the meantime I had this wall in my half-bathroom that was just begging to be interesting. The bathroom is really tiny and I already have a large painting on the opposite wall so I wanted to do something simple on this wall. I knew whatever I did shouldn’t swallow the room up with busyness. I had these 3 white frames laying around so I mounted 3 of my favorite (non-Jack) instagrams on white cardstock, stuck them in the frame and up they went. I love how simple they are and am loving the look of big mattes right now.

The instagrams are 3×3 and the frames are 8×10. This took all of a half hour to do. Easy, cheap, personal art is my favorite.

What do you do with your printed instagrams? (as you can see I have a ton left!)

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