1) I listen to Ke$ha obnoxiously loud in the car. I also sing to it because I know the words [hangs head in shame]. People see this at stoplights. I feel bad for them.

2) I make up dances and songs to entertain Jack. The newest one is called Cherrio and it may include pique turns.

3) I really like getting mail but I do not like opening it. If a package arrives, I will seriously let it sit there for days until D forces me to open it. Don’t ask me why. It may have something to do with waiting until the perfect moment to open it or the packaging making a mess.

4) I’m notoriously known for leaving fruit stickers stuck to the edge of the sink. I don’t like throwing them away because when you try to flick them into the trash they get stuck to your fingers and then you have to end up touching the edge of the trash can and that’s gross.

5) I’m a sucker for trashy reality television. Right now it’s the Bachelor, Teen Mom 2, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Someday I will break the addiction. Or not.

Any brave souls out there willing to offer up some of their confessions?

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