Jack is now a half a year old! Hooray! It’s so fun to watch him do all kinds of new things! He knows exactly how to get from point A to point B and while he hasn’t quite got the crawl down, he is scooting everywhere and is really fast! He can sit by himself for maybe 20 seconds but then topples over and is back to scooting. If I have a hard time keeping up now, I can just imagine what I’m in for! He has now started to scoot right to me if he wants me to pick him up or just wants me to sit and play with him. When I pick him up from daycare I am greeted with the biggest smile in the world and lots of violent kisses :). He has even started hugging me which is quite possibly the best thing in the world.

He now has 2 little teeth and LOVES brushing his teeth.. aka chewing on the toothbrush. We are slowly introducing foods to him and we made baby food for him this week. So far he has had oatmeal cereal, bananas, and squash, all of which he pretty much hates. haha Mealtime usually ends like this. But we will keep trying. Next on the list is sweet potatoes, peaches, and apples. He is bound to like one of those right??

Not gonna lie, bedtime is not Jack’s favorite. He just would rather stay up and play! While I don’t like to use the cry it out method, sometimes that is what has to be done. No matter how much we feed up him before bedtime, he is still waking up at least once at night and eating. Jack now only occasionally breastfeeds at night and we will probably be done with that completely by the end of the month, which is sort of bittersweet for me! He usually wakes up between 5:30 and 6:30 and since this Mama is not ready to get up yet, it’s Jack and Mama cuddle-time. I may be starting a bad habit but I don’t really care at this point. I like Jack’s morning cuddles!

Jack has just switched to size 3 diapers and is now in 6-12 month clothes. I am constantly putting away too small clothes and I try not too get too sad about it. Just the other day, D bought a 9 month sleeper and it looked huge so I thought oh good he can wear that a long time – ah nope – it fits just right. It’s weird I can no longer gauge how big he actually is! He was in the 80th percentile at his 4 month appointment and now weighs around 18 and a half pounds. My arms definitely get tired carrying him around, plus he is a twister so it’s hard to keep a hold of him! He’s got to see what is going on!

He still loves when we sing to him and that helps with bedtime. Sometimes he uses his own voice to ease himself to sleep. A lot of “ahhh……ahhh…..ahhh” and more recently “dadada… dadada” which convinced D he is actually saying Dada. ha When he tries to tell us something he does the cutest little “oo”. I can’t wait til he says real words!

Jack’s recent nicknames include snuggle bear, hunny bunny, J bird, and cuddle monster. haha

I know I usually don’t post this much text but I’ve realized I need to be writing this stuff down and the only place I’ve been documenting these things is on the blog. So mostly this stuff is for me but I would love to hear how your babies are doing and what you have learned at this age! I can’t get enough motherly insight. I still have no clue what I’m doing ;).

Oh and this month’s mini photoshoot was a difficult one. Have I mentioned he doesn’t. stop. moving?? So yeah I got what I could get. Next month should be interesting!

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