Is it real that in 10 weeks or less I will be holding a baby? ahh so surreal. These past 2 weeks I think I got a lot bigger. D keeps saying “wow it IS big” – meaning my bump. haha Some of my maternity shirts are not even fitting now. Boo The other day I thought about how I would design a maternity line… Lots of long tanks in all different patterns, some striped, some floral, big chunky knit open-front sweaters, leggings in every neutral color possible, and scarfs.. lots of lots of scarfs. Too bad I can’t sew very well 😛

I’m pretty much finished with registering (I think!). I decided to register at Target and Amazon after a bunch of people told me about bad experiences with Babies ‘R’ Us. Anyone have anything I MUST register for?? I would love the suggestions! I need to get going on designing my baby shower invitations which I really wanted to do myself. I’m thinking a woodland theme 🙂 Hopefully I’ll share that soon!

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