Yesterday was beautiful. I am so thankful it’s finally nice outside. For awhile the weather here was matching how I felt about moving to Minnesota. But lately I find myself staring out my parent’s large living room windows mesmerized about how green it is. I remember why I missed it here. And the lushness is just a reminder. Being present for family BBQs, target runs with my sisters, and holding my niece give me rushes of gratefulness amongst the twinges of sadness I feel about my missed friends and life in Arizona.

D said to me today “We so often think that we are in charge and must handle things here on earth ourselves…but we don’t have to.” He’s so right, so many times I try to take things into my own hands. It’s a constant battle. But this move has made me realize, I’m not orchestrating this, the Lord is and I’m just along for the ride. So today I’m trusting in Him and not myself, there isn’t a better way.

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