I’ve been so anxious to share these pictures with you! Hannah as some of you know, is my younger sister and is pregnant with her second little one – a girl this time! When she had William, I was living in Arizona and wasn’t around for all the pregnancy excitement so this time I’m so glad I’m here! I get to help her with the baby’s room, share in the excitement, and just have sisterly bonding time! This is really something we were missing out on when I was living so far away and has made the move transition a lot easier. I have said it before but I really do mean that my sisters are my best friends!

I actually had to do some convincing in order for Hannah to let me take maternity photos but we discussed how it could be done in a classy, beautiful way and I think we accomplished that! We took these in her bedroom at home which has beautiful natural colors and light. I’d love to hear what you all think! I can’t wait til the little Fluffnut comes! She’s due May 11th so it could be anytime now!

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