I’m doing the thankful challenge this year which is basically taking a time out every day to write down something I’m thankful for. These are not in any order just what came to my mind that day. I’ve been keeping track on my phone. Here are days 1-5.

Day 1) Jack!

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so thankful now that I’m a Mom. This little boy makes my heart scream with thankfulness. I mean look at his face! His spirit, sense of humor, health, chubbiness, (I could go on and on) make my heart so full.

Day 2) My Sisters

We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs and sometimes three is a weird number but I love these sisters of mine. My Mom used to tell us when we were little to be nice to each other because we will be in each others lives forever. And I am thankful for that. I’m thankful that we can have fights, get over them, forgive, laugh, have fun, tell stories, watch each others’ lives happen, make memories and then do it all over again. My sisters are built-in best friends.

Day 3) Quiet Time

Since I work from home and Jack goes to daycare, I like to carve some time in the day for a little quiet time with God. I really have no excuse not to and am thankful for a quiet house to read and pray and reflect on God’s goodness.

Day 4) Hair

Okay this one might sound shallow (or like bragging?) but when I was younger I HATED my hair. My natural curls drove me nuts. I actually would have my mom IRON my hair like with an real iron and ironing board. (This was before straighteners.) But as I got older I started embracing my natural hair texture. Now I let it work with me instead of me working against it. I actually have felt guilty for hating it so much so today I am thankful for my hair :).

Day 5) Dave Ramsey

I’m thankful for Dave Ramsey? Yes! Seriously this guy is super inspiring. If you’re not familiar with him, watch this. If you aren’t inspired or crying at the end, there’s something wrong with you. D and I have gone through the Financial Peace University class and now we are actually applying it. It’s going to be a long road but I’m super excited about getting out of debt and living and giving like no one else!

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