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I’ve sort of been beating myself up that I’ve neglected by blog (amongst other things) this month. My initial hope in taking a blog fast was to come back feeling excited and inspired but to be honest, I came back feeling tired and weary. All I can seem to get accomplished are the basics… Take care of Jack. Work. Emails. Dinner. Sleep. Everything else seems so HARD. I have only picked up my camera a couple times all month, one of those times being yesterday (above pics). I suppose it’s simply a season of life. The frigid cold outside doesn’t help. Maybe I have seasonal affective disorder. ha. But seriously I felt the need to explain myself to those of you that came back after my blog fast. The good thing the fast and the un-motivation did was help me realize I WANT to keep blogging. I’m not doing it because I have to. It’s because I LOVE going back and reading life moments. I hope someday Jack will too.

Anyway I still cherish this internet space of mine. And I’m reminding myself that you don’t always have to be pinterest-worthy. Here’s to new seasons and giving yourself a break!

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