Life is sure an adventure with this kid around! Last night he decided he wasn’t tired at 1 am and was up for the next 2 hours! Repeating Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy over and over, asking for his ba-ba (sippy cup) and Ooola (Talullah) and the “iPad” which he did not get mind you! Needless to say, I’m exhausted today! He never slows down! He would stay up til midnight if I let him, reading books, chasing Talullah, pushing his lawn mower around. He also has been waking up before the sun comes out which make for a very long day! Wish I had half the energy he had!

He is talking up a storm and every time I tell him something his response is “huhhhhhh?” haha You can almost see the wheels turning. Recently I taught him to pet Talullah nicely except now he does it to me too. He pets my head and says “Niii, Niii”. haha Better than hair pulling which is what I would usually get! Pretty much everything he does is funny and amusing to me so clearly I have become THAT parent. Oh well, it was bound to happen!

I obviously missed 17 months photos so I’m on top of his 18 months, he is exactly 18 months today! These pictures were oh-so-hard to get because he is much too busy 🙂

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