A couple weird things happened while taking these:

1) I had Jack today so I put him in his stroller on the little hill to the left. While I was messing with the camera settings, the wheel locks gave out and when I turned around there he goes! Rolling across the sidewalk. I swear that kid is gonna give me a heart attack.

2) After that, I see a neighbor walking up to me. Oh goody. I was fully prepared to explain myself. Instead of the neighbor asking what the heck I was doing, he invited me to a brisket grill out. haha Awkward.

I’m wearing…

Skirt: F21
Denim Vest: F21
Tank: Target
Flip Flops: Aldo

p.s. I realize this outfit is ridiculously similar to yesterday’s. What can I say? This may be my summer uniform.

Happy long weekend friends!

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