This post is in honor of my husband Dustin. Also known as D. And Dusty. (but shhh don’t tell anyone that one)

To celebrate his past 30 years on this planet, I have kept track of a few of his memorable quotes. Enjoy…

On being 30:
Me: “I think we should have a different attitude about being 30.”
D: “30, flirty, and fun?”

While I was taking his picture today for his birthday:
“You would think it was YOUR birthday.”

On kids:
“Well after I had 1, I realized I wanted zero.”

On fashion:
“Puka shells were a mistake in history.”

On being cool:
“I still like to raise the roof once in awhile.”

Giving me a Jack update:
“He has a cute outfit on today but his farts really stink.”

On boogie wipes:
“Someone’s making a killing off that.”

On being romantic:
“I’m gonna light a f*** candle.”

After watching too much Breaking Bad:
“You know what our lamps remind me of? Boiling flasks used to make meth.”

Me: “Not all who wander are lost.”
D: “But all who wander are late.”

On life:
“That’s all my life consists of: house projects and ovulation.”

After walking into a casino:
“This is where dreams go to die.”

From the toilet via text:
“I’m downstairs. No lock on door with curious children around. #motivation Gangnam style.”

Giving me cooking direction:
“You make a choice, you either have sticky fingers or you smack that thing really hard.”

On pacifiers:
“You know if we tie the nuk (pacifier) around his neck, we could call it a nucklace.”

On breakfast:
“Scones are hipster donuts.”

Happy Birthday Dustin! Thanks for keeping life fun! Love you.

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