Jack turned 7 months on October 25th and shame on me for not posting this sooner! I used to hate when people would tell me how fast time goes with a little one but it’s so true. I can’t believe how active he is and how much he is exploring! He will get into EVERYTHING if I let him which amuses me but also exhausts me! He is pulling himself up on everything and will stand there holding on before he tries to bounce! haha His more recent adventure is trying to climb OVER things. We have a diaper box he tries to climb over until we stop him from going head first on the other side! When we hold his hands while he stands, he has started to march.. right knee up then down, left knee up then down. Then he will give you this look like “look at me!!”. It’s so cute. He is now sitting up all by himself but that doesn’t last long before he’s trying to get somewhere. He’s pretty much our entertainment around here!

He now has 4 teeth, 2 top, 2 bottom and let me tell you this teething thing isn’t too fun! He has never been a great sleeper but it’s even worse when he’s teething. He might be at it again because the past couple nights he has been up more than I can remember… 5, 7, 10 times? That makes for 2 tired parents. 9 o’clock rolls around and D and I are dead. But mornings make those nights worth it because Jack wakes up so smiley and happy.

Mornings are Jack and Mama time and I have started feeding him breakfast before he goes to daycare. He now eats 3 meals a day and loves food. He has had all the staples; apples, pears, peaches, oatmeal and rice cereal, squash, peas, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, and more. He definitely prefers fruit though! And recently we have been giving him puffs. He immediately knew to pick up the puff and put it in his mouth and is pretty coordinated! As much as I try to get him full before he goes down at night, he ALWAYS wakes up wanting a bottle and then another bottle 3-4 hours later. I guess this kid likes to eat!

He now says Dada and Mama but they are more like Dadadadada and Mamamamama. And he ONLY says Mama when he’s mad. haha When Talullah howls, Jack tries to howl back but it comes out screaming. He also yells a lot at mealtime either because he’s excited or we are not going fast enough. 🙂

His most popular nickname is Snuggle Bear which is sort of ironic because he is NOT a snuggle bear. Ha He does continue to give me occasional hugs and kisses and has recently become a little more clingy. I see a shy side of him if a stranger says hi to him, he will smile and turn his head away and bury it. It’s so fun to see his personality come out. He is definitely a rough and tumble boy but those softer sides to him are so endearing. D and I feel so lucky he is ours. Happy 7 months little man!

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