A little known fact about me: I can’t cut cheese. I always destroy the slice – one end too thick, one end too thin. Argh don’t you hate that? Plus I can’t handle too much cheese at once so I like the slices pretty thin which makes the cutting even harder. And chunks of cheese that break off and ruin the whole slice are the worse. Tell me I’m not the only one with this problem.

So when I went to the fridge yesterday to make myself a sandwich and I pulled out the cheese… BEHOLD! 3 perfectly even thin slices of sharp cheddar cheese ready to take on my sandwich. You would have thought these slices were gold. One less step toward my delightful lunch. AH what a guy I thought. I could’ve kissed him right there.

For some reason this little gesture made my day. Isn’t that what it’s all about though? The little things that remind you how much you care about each other? Little acts of serving. Between late night feedings, diaper trash, dinners at 9pm, and never-ending deadlines; 3 perfect slices of cheese brings it all into perspective.

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