Jack turned 3 months on June 25th! It’s weird because I feel like the 1st month just dragged on but these past 2 months have flown by! Jack is still happy as ever, loves the camera – or should I say my iPhone ;), and is even more kick-y (this kid never stops moving!) Don’t get me wrong, he definitely has his grumpy, fussy times which is usually right before naptime or bedtime. He always fights going to sleep – I guess there is just more important things to do! He is sleeping pretty good; usually gets up once during the night to eat and then goes right back to sleep. Thankful for that! We had to stop swaddling his arms because he is rolling over now. I was a little worried how that would affect his sleep but so far so good. He must move A LOT while he’s sleeping though because every time I go into his room, he is turned all the way around and is on his stomach or side. (Like I said, he never stops moving!) He likes tummy time better now and even creeps towards toys.

We tried a little formula for the first time last week but he wouldn’t take it. We figured out it was because of the bottle we were using. He is used to Medela bottles so once we used the Medela bottle, he took 4 oz of formula fine. I was thankful for that because pumping 3-4 times a day for daycare was getting to be overwhelming! I’m pretty happy that I made it over 3 months with only breast milk because boy was breast-feeding hard for me! Now we are slowly supplementing 1 bottle a day and watching him to see how he reacts to it.

Jack really does not like loud noises. He gets a pouty lip like this and then screams like he’s terrified. It’s so sad! Let’s just say he hates the vacuum cleaner, loud little kids, and Buffalo Wild Wings. Surprisingly Talullah’s loud barks don’t bother him one bit. Sorry for the long post but I realized I need to write all this down otherwise I will forget it!

D and I were talking about unconditional love yesterday and how we humans don’t really love unconditionally. Our love is full of conditions.. as long as you don’t hurt me, as long as you make right decisions, as long as you are sorry.. and the list goes on. But how Jesus loves really is unconditional. He died for us WHILE we were still sinners and WHILE we still sin. That is a huge lesson for me on how to love. Jack is giving me glimpses of how to love unconditionally every day. Thank you Jesus for him. What a blessing he is.

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