Sorry it took me so long to get these posted! It’s been on my to-do list.

As you may remember, I designed my baby shower invitations around a woodland theme. My shower also took on a woodland theme and most everything you see was imagined by my sister Hannah and put together by a combination of her, my mom, my aunt, my cousin, and yes me too! I can’t help but get involved when something creative is happening :). I did all the stationary and paper goods. But my sister was the creative force behind everything and the rest of my family did a awesome job of executing her vision. There are so many fun details! My uncle cooked all the delicious food and I will never forget all those different kinds of cheese! Yummm It was definitely a happy day and I got oodles of gifts for Jack (and myself). I’m so happy I got all these pictures to remember the shower. We had Rachel of Rachel Eagle Photography come out and shoot for the day. You know me and photos… I can never have enough :).

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