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I know it’s mid-month and not time for a Jack update but I just can’t help myself. As of lately he is doing so much new stuff, I need to write it down or I’ll forget. I LOVE this age (yes tantrums and all). He has such a goofy personality and fun spirit. I thank God for his little spirit often.

Anyway… some of the new stuff…

  • He now can go downstairs all by himself. He plops down, tummy to the stairs, feet first, and down he slides. I guess those baby gates can take a hike (yay!)
  • He now says Talullah all the time which more sounds like A-oo-ah. It’s the cutest thing ever.
  • He retrieved the wipes and laid down in front of me when he wanted his diaper changed. (Does this mean I have to start potty-training?!)
  • He likes to “help” me. I swept the driveway off today so I gave him a broom too and he was perfectly content “sweeping” with me. It makes my heart melt when he truly thinks he’s helping :).
  • He recently started liking to be rocked and cuddled before bed (he has NEVER been a cuddler so basically it’s my dream come true!).
  • Oh and the weirdest one… I actually talked him out of a tantrum! He didn’t want to go into his high chair and started kicking, screaming, and arching his back. I held him up to my face and firmly explained to him that I was going to get his food and he needed to sit nicely. His butt went right down into that chair. I know this will probably never happen again but it was awesome and for a day few hours I felt like supermom.

That’s all for now. I know I’m missing stuff and this is WAY more interesting to me than anyone else but that’s why I included a picture ;).

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