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I remember my Mom explaining to me how much I would love my kids; how much she loves my sisters and I. That you would do ANYTHING for them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I thought. Obviously you love your kids. But then something happened. I became the Mom. Ooooh, that’s what she was talking about! THAT love.

The love that makes you understand how Jesus can love us sinners. The love that is all-consuming and surpasses circumstances. The love you never realized your Mom had for you until you experienced yourself. Oh yes THAT love.

I’m grateful today that I have a Mom that loves me like that. That I am able to love Jack because of the love that was shown to me.

Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you know you are loved.

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I'm Kelly, a UX designer at IBM Interactive, brand designer, and blogger. I live in Minnesota with my husband and our 2 little guys.




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