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5 things you didn’t know about me ;). Here they are.

1) I bite my nails and cuticles. I know it’s a terrible habit. I’ve done it since I could remember. I think it’s brought on by stress and I go through times when I stop completely and my nails get really long but it’s only a matter of time before I rip them all down. Ugh. I do a lot better when they are painted so I try to paint them often. Loving this color.

2) I have endometriosis. I found out when we were going through infertility treatment before I got pregnant with Jack. I’ve never talked about that part of my life here and have thought about writing more about it but it’s a pretty personal subject and am not sure how to even start it. Maybe someday I will have the words.

3) I have “mom guilt” about Jack going to daycare, pretty much everyday. I know he goes to an awesome, trustworthy place but the guilt is still there. Lingering in the back of my soul. I could try to justify being a working mom but the fact is that it makes me sad to leave him.

4) I have to wear a night guard. My dentist confirmed that I grind my teeth at night and pretty much scared me into getting one. It was a pricy little thing. Oh and very attractive. Ha Actually D says he doesn’t even notice it – it’s clear and pretty small so I’ll do whatever I can to protect my smile!

5) For the past year I’ve struggled with where to take my freelance design. Remember this post? I have come to the realization I can’t do (and don’t want to do!) everything. I’ve also took some time to process what I actually WANT to do which sometimes gets confused when I get requests for things I thought I had tossed out.

Anyway all that to say, I’ve decided I’m going to be focusing on branding. That’s where my heart and passion is. While I love designing wedding stationary and photography, I don’t get as excited as I do when I help a client achieve their goals. I am not completely saying goodbye to wedding stationary though. I have a separate plan to eventually open a store to hold my designs. I would love it if it also had art prints too. That is a 5-10 year plan though ;). Photography is always something that will be a part of my life. I love taking photos of Jack, our life, our house, etc. But I won’t be doing any professional photography anymore. It’s one of those things you do on nights and weekends and takes away family time so I feel like it’s the right decision. I’d been thinking about it for a long time and when I moved to Minnesota I cut way back. It was just really hard to make a definitive decision. (and scary to say out loud!) I’m sure there will be exceptions for very special people 🙂 but I’m happy to finally have some clarity. Eventually I want this website to reflect those decisions.

There’s 5 for ya. Some of those were hard for me to write. Blogging is scary sometimes.

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