This Boy.

This boy insisted he wasn’t tired tonight so I let him come down and sit by me. He ended up falling asleep on my lap and I just couldn’t stop thinking about how blessed I am to be his Mom. I do not feel worthy. I turned to my husband and said “How do we not screw this up?” He replied “I have no idea.” And neither do I. But I want to remember how he is, at five years old. And how I feel in this moment. I don’t want to forget him falling asleep on my lap and how he says “Love you, Mommy” and countless other moments. I wrote down a few of those…

This boy sees his friend struggling and offers to help him stuff his snow pants in his backpack.

This boy asks to put on the Greatest Showman soundtrack, hops up on a chair, and asks me to dance.

This boy says “Mommy, you look pretty today.”

This boy comforts his little brother when he gets hurt.

This boy gives me bites of his cookie.

This boy says his baby cousin Ezra is his best friend.

This boy asks me to marry him.

This boy tells me he will cheer for his classmate because no one did at school that day.

This boy asks me to sing “You are my sunshine” every night.

This boy offers to read bedtime stories to his little brother.

This boy insists he will be going to “home college” so he can continue living with us.

This boy brings home drawings of me and him with pink hearts all around us.

This boy shares his Valentine’s candy with his brother.

This boy. I could not love him more.

This boy has my heart.


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