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A weekly portrait of my boys…

We made it out to Quarry Hill on one Sunday and it was such a tease of summer. The boys had so much fun exploring, watching the ducks, throwing sticks in the pond, and looking at the bugs and snakes. It’s so funny because I grew up going to Quarry Hill for school field trips and I don’t remember it being fascinating whatsoever. Now that we’re taking the boys, it’s become so much more fun. So cool looking through their eyes, makes life much more interesting.

Jack: That picture makes me laugh so much. He really loves the ducks.
Liam: He’s the daredevil while Jack is the cautious one. I mean look at his face climbing that wall!

Note: I always take the 52 week pictures with my DSLR but I didn’t want to lug it around at Quarry Hill so these were taken with my iPhone.

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