Oh Liam. This babe is the sweetest little guy ever. I remember when I was pregnant with him I thought, can I really love another child as much as I love Jack? Yes! Yes I can. It’s funny because one of Jack’s nicknames was Snuggle Bear but he wasn’t snuggly. haha This guy, HE’S the snuggler. He buries his face in your neck, loves being held, and rocked.

We still have a sleep problem, as in he wants to sleep in my bed right next to me ALL night. I have this inner dilemma about it every night. Logically I know he should be sleeping in his own bed and he does to start out the night but eventually he ends up in my bed. I’m too exhausted to attempt to put him back. When I do attempt it, he cries and wakes up shortly after I fall back asleep. It’s very frustrating so I have resorted to keeping him in my bed. I have made several half attempts to let him cry it out but it takes denying all my Mommy instincts not to pick him up. And it doesn’t help he shares a wall with Jack. I recently read an article that crying it out kills brain cells? Oh brother. Didn’t you know everything you read on the internet is true? (insert sarcastic face). But either way, I can’t decide how I feel about it or what to do. I know these baby days are short but I also know I’m setting habits. Eh!

It doesn’t matter how frustrating the night is, as soon as it’s morning, he’s all smiles. He is oh so happy in the morning and I love it. As you can tell in these pictures, he found his feet this past month! His nicknames include Mr. Smiles, Honey Bear, and Love Chunk. (I may have to erase that sentence before he goes off to school haha!) He is interacting with Jack more, laughing and flapping his arms at him and Jack loves holding him, kissing him, and tackling him EEK. I hope these two are best buds.



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