Nesting has officially kicked in! I am super anxious to make more progress on the nursery and get Jack in (and accustomed to!) a big bed. Fingers crossed that works out!! I’ll share more of the nursery progress soon – it took a backseat for awhile because of my trip and D working Saturdays (meh). I’ve also been cleaning like a mad woman and the slightest bit of dirt on the floor drives me crazy. I’m trying to withhold my crazy but that doesn’t always happen (sorry D!).

Baby has been moving like crazy and am happy to feel those kicks. I’ve been craving everything sweet so was slightly worried about the glucose test but I passed! Yay! My body is differently feeling the strain of pregnancy these days, getting up and down and carrying Jack around is getting tougher and more exhausting. I am also waking up more and even wake up in order to switch sides. But I can’t complain too much because I still have a lot of energy (obviously to clean haha) and I chalk that up to exercise :).

Now that I’m in my 3rd trimester, it’s starting to get more real! So happy/excited/nervous/anxious etc etc to expand our family!!

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