I’m still guilty of using my iphone camera waaay more than my DSLR so this is a good snapshot of our daily life over the last month or so.

1) Our 2nd annual Christmas tree hunting and cutting
2) All I hear when I look at this picture is “bubble bath, bubble bath!!” over and over
3) Our first sleigh ride!
4) So fun to have my youngest sister here over the holidays. Miss her!
5) These two have so much fun
6) We briefly escaped to Missouri to see D’s family and it was 60 degrees there! In heaven!
7) Are selfies out? haha
8) Ah he’s soo big!
9) If Daddy shovels so does Jack 🙂
10) He’s a Mama’s boy and I love it.

And here’s a link to all my “Life Thru My Phone” posts.

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