You know what’s really awkward? Looking through pictures of yourself. Even worse looking through pictures of yourself when there’s someone sitting next to you.

Wait you know what’s even more awkward? Posting pictures of yourself on your blog. haha Blogging is so weird. I remember when blogs first started (yes I’m THAT old) and how weird I thought they were. Writing about personal things for all the world to see. Like the world cares. Like you are a good writer. Two things I know for sure: blogs are still weird. And I am not a good writer. Which is why I post more pictures than write. Hence the pictures of my myself. And so we come full circle.

Wow you should get a medal you got through all that.

Erin has become my new Fashion Friday buddy. We obviously took these pictures last Friday. Since then I’ve become very pessimistic. I hope it’s a phase.

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