Here are my favorite 12 instagrams of 2012. *Warning: Most of them are Jack!

1) This was my first instagram ever. He was brand-new, 8 days old. The hat was a gift from a lovely lady named Robyn who is a hat-maker master.

2) On my 1st Mother’s Day. Loved this day.

3) This is probably my favorite picture of D and Jack. Ever.

4) Jack is almost 2 months old here, summertime is near and motherhood started becoming fun!

5) That lip! Best capture ever.

6) We had recently moved into our house and I swear all we did at night was take iPhone pictures of Jack. I mean could you blame us?

7) This picture just reminds me of summertime. My favorite season.

8) Our family on Thanksgiving

9) In the fall, Jack and I took numerous walks around our neighborhood – colorful memories.

10) First time I put Jack in the front of the cart. He was in heaven.

11) Right after Jack has gotten into every cabinet in the bathroom. Can’t be mad, look at that face.

12) On Christmas ♥

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