THE GOOD: Oodles and oodles of family time. My sister Abby was here over the Thanksgiving break and the 3 of us sisters got to sneak away a couple times for late night drinks and dessert amongst lots of girly talks and belly laughs (sorry of those sitting next to us). But we had so much fun catching up. Abby will be here again in 2 weeks for Christmas. Hooray!

THE BAD: Sickness. It started with D having the stomach flu and then Jack getting a bad cold which led to the rest of us getting the cold and then Jack getting the stomach flu. Possibly the hardest thing about parenting is having a sick baby while you are sick. Oh and due to my cold, I have absolutely no voice. None. So when a reader introduced herself to me at a coffee shop the other day, I probably sounded like I had smoked 3 packs of cigs. Anne – I in fact do not smoke and apologize for my lack of voice. Thank you for saying hi – made my day 🙂

THE UGLY: Your husband and baby covered in puke. It’s not a pretty sight. Although you almost have to laugh because your baby chose to throw up right when you hand them to your husband. But then you realize your poor baby is screaming and sick. Saddest thing ever. We are hoping this passes soon. Especially so you can all go back to reading about pretty and happy things!

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