Here was our weekend project! And when I mean ‘we’, I mean my dad and D. Someone has to play with Jack!

Originally we weren’t going to replace the front door but we realized you could literally see through the bottom of the existing door and feel air blowing through. Not good for the Minnesota winter. So the door hunt was on. Can I just vent for a sec? WHY are front doors so expensive?? Custom doors literally cost anywhere from $600 all the way up to $1500 and more. That was not going to work. I knew I wanted some type of window on the door to let light in since we don’t have any side windows and the entryway is pretty dark.

I summoned myself to look at in-stock doors. Finally I found this one at Home Depot which was the perfect window size to let light in but still offered privacy. Plus it was a lot less $$ than a custom door. Yay! We decided to paint it glossy black to go with our light fixtures which we had also replaced. I fell in love with black doors ever since this post. So what do you think?

Now I need a new doorbell…!

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