Another blogger posted these and I loved her idea so here are mine:

1) I love Jack’s open mouthed kisses even though sometimes I pretend it’s gross if it’s extra slobbery.

2) I think it’s hilarious when Jack gets a hold of Talullah’s tail and she squeals terrified. You must see the look on Jack’s face when this happens. He always cracks up in pure delight. Poor Talullah! [insert evil laugh]

3) If Jack is grumpy and someone is trying to comfort him, I live for him looking my way and reaching out for ME. I still can’t believe I get to be that person to him!

4) I always wanted a little girl before I had kids and even when I was pregnant but now I LOVE having a boy! If I had 5 more Jacks I would be happy! (I’m getting ahead of myself here but you get the idea)

5) I’ve always thought I was pretty funny but Jack thinks I’m hilarious. I am not ashamed to admit I will make a complete fool out of myself to get him laughing. It’s pretty much THE BEST.

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