Creativity happens when you have a problem and no money, am I right? I have this GIANT window in my living room and it desperately needed window coverings. One because it is hot as hell in this house with our A/C broken and two because we have neighbors and I haven’t even introduced myself yet! And did you know curtain rods cost around $45 for a standard window and not only is my window waaay bigger than that; I have two other windows in the living room that need to get covered too. I got some new blinds in Perth that have helped. And then in comes my mom with a fabulous idea. Metal conduit. Yeah I have no idea what metal conduit is either but you can get it at home depot and it’s like $1.50 for 10 feet. I was sold.

So here’s how to do it if you too want to discover metal conduit and the endless possibilities…

You will need:

My window is actually 12 feet long so I had to get 2 of these and cut them in half with a hack saw. And no I did not attempt to cut myself. I left the cutting up to my Dad. For most of you, 10 feet of metal conduit will be more than enough to cover one window. You could even cover 2 windows with that much!

This is what will hold the rod up. You will use two of these on either end of the window and screw them into the wall. I ended up having to get 3 since I needed one to go in the middle. Did I mention that window is big?

These are your finials. Aren’t they pretty? 😉 You will need 2. I got a third one for the middle to connect my 2 pieces of conduit together.

Seriously that is it. Let’s recap.

1) Determine how high you need your curtain rod based on the length of your curtain
2) Screw in the eyebolts into the wall on either end of the window. Note: The screws need to go into a stud or the window header to make sure it is secure!
3) Slide your drapes on the conduit
4) Slide the conduit through the eyebolts
5) Screw the connectors/finials on either end

Done! And I literally spent $7 on the supplies not counting the curtains. (My curtains are from Ikea – $10 for 2 panels ain’t bad!) I will probably end up replacing the finials for real ones at some point but for now I like it! And now you know what metal conduit is! (sort-of)

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