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Hey Bloggers, do you ever feel the pressure to blog but the topics just aren’t coming? Well that’s me today. So I am posting a couple pics of my 28th birthday which was actually last month – July 23rd to be exact. I realized it totally got skipped on this little blog and well if you know me, you know how much I love birthdays. When D and I returned from Hawaii, my family had a lovely little birthday dinner for me that I was so thankful for. I truly wasn’t expecting anything so it was a nice little surprise. Plus it had been so long since I celebrated my birthday with my FAMILY.

Now I’m NOT posting this so ya’ll can say Happy Birthday (you can if you want 🙂 ) but to reflect on my 27th year of life and what’s to come with 28.

27 brought:

Phew that is a lot just thinking about it! Hard to say what will come with 28 but I’m hoping a lot of my questions get answered…”Are we staying in Minnesota?” “What will we do with our house in AZ?” “Will D and I ever move out of my parent’s house?” And the list goes on. So far 28 has called for a lot of faith and patience! But with unknowns come adventure. Here’s to an adventurous 28th year!

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