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Welp now that Liam is almost 8 months old, I thought it was about time to share this space with you. If you follow along, you may remember us working on this space. It used to be a feminine vintage guest bedroom, then it was a big mess and finally we started turning into a little boy’s nursery with a wood feature wall. I knew I wanted a wood wall with a slight twist because we did one in Jack’s nursery too. And then I saw this in the pottery barn catalog and it became our jumping off point. I knew I wanted the nursery to have a similar rustic style as Jack’s but feel a little more modern. I also wanted it to have some of the same elements as Jack’s room in case I ever wanted to combine their rooms so I chose the animal busts, animal prints, metal monogram, and another handmade quilt made by my mom.

Sometimes it just takes awhile to get all the final touches. I went around and around about what to do for window coverings because what I really wanted were roman shades but geez they are expensive! I just couldn’t justify the cost. So my mom and I talked through other options. We ended up with our own solution that looks like a roman shade and closes completely but for only $50. Yay! I may have to do a separate post on that. You guys also helped me pick the light! Thank you! I went with the pottery barn one and I love it. The last few things I added were the Be Brave & Courageous print, the arrow pillow, the metal baskets on the shelf, and the knit dog (Liam’s Christmas present) :). I love how it all turned out, it was a fun project!


Psst I just realized the shelf is dusty haha. Ah well!

Source list: Wood wall: Home depot + the hubby // Crib: Shopko // Bedding and animal busts: Restoration Hardware // Monogram L: Hobby Lobby // Bookshelf, frames, lamp, and poof: Target // Rocker, ceiling light: Pottery Barn // Changing table: Thrifted // Rug: RugsUSA // Arrow pillow: Brickyard Buffalo // Quilt: Handmade // Andiamo the Dog: Blabla // Globe: Thrifted // Animal prints: Tiny Kiwi Prints // Wall color: Tobacco Leaf by Martha Stewart // Wood stump end table: From a friend, refinished by the hubby



Looks so perfect! Could you tell me the measurements just of the dark brown wood that the L is on?

2/52 & 3/52


Here are week 2 and 3 of the photo project I’m doing this year! Weekend mornings are usually slow around here and we stay in our jammies a long time :). Look at Liam’s little eyebrows. LOVE. His expression is the best.


Love that these boys are so smiley. They are pretty happy campers most of the time… especially when there’s snacks involved ^^.




Liam turned 7 months on the 1st! I can’t believe my baby is over half way to one year old! He is sitting up on his own which he loves and is getting into everything, even climbing stairs! Hello again baby gates! Didn’t we just put them away?? Liam loves getting into anything Jack is currently playing with. Jack does a pretty good job with it but we hear a lot of “Noooo Weeam!!” around here. I’m sure this is just the beginning.

I am still breastfeeding but have significantly reduced over the past month. Now that I’m back to work full time and he is preferring bottles, we are supplementing with formula. I still pump once a day and typically get one bottle out of that and then breastfeed at night too. I’m thrilled to have made it this far though! We started supplementing with formula when Jack was 3 1/2 months and he was completely done at 6 months. This time around with Liam, we didn’t need to supplement until I introduced food at 5 1/2 months. I’m proud of that since breastfeeding was never easy for me. Plus look at those rolls!:)  You can tell this kid loves to eat and is not picky either!

Liam’s nicknames include honey bear, chunky monkey, chunky boy, sweetie, Liam brother…  just to name a few.

He is currently cutting his 4th tooth so the past 2 weeks have been rough in the sleep department. He cries every hour almost and sometimes it sounds like he is in pain. Poor guy. We have given him Tylenol or Ibuprofen but it’s hard to tell if it even helps. Other times he just wants to nurse or be held. Right around Christmas we decided there would be no more sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. He did pretty good with it until the top 2 teeth started coming in (sigh). I’m hoping for some more restful nights when the 4th one comes in! Hope is all I got at this point. Well and coffee. ha

Lately when I pick him up from daycare he has been reaching out to me, all smiles, and big open kisses. It’s hands down the best part of being a Mama!



Here’s my letter to Jack when he was 7 months old.




One of my goals this year is to blog at least once a week. The main reason I set this goal is because I love documenting and looking back on life but I also need to be realistic with my time. Prior to baby #2 I was blogging 3-4 times a week but I realize that’s not always going to be possible. And that’s okay! I’ve said it before – I love blogging and still want to contribute to this space. It just looks a little different these days!

Often times it’s so much easier to capture moments with my iPhone but I want to make a point to pick up my camera more in 2015. This 52 project challenge originally came from the Jodi at Practising Simplicity but Kelli Murray also inspired me to do my own! I plan to take a photo of each of my boys every week this year. I can’t wait to see them grow and change.

Lots of nights around here include bathtime, dinosaurs, and chubby arms.:)

Anyone else doing this project this year? It’s not too late to start!


Such a good idea. I did the project back in 2010 and although it was tough some days, it’s fantastic for learning even more about your camera.. and of course looking back on the photos later on. Good luck :)

[…] are week 2 and 3 of the photo project I’m doing this year! Weekend mornings are usually slow around here and we stay in our jammies […]

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