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Shirt: Gap // Jeans: F21 // Sandles: Target

Member that one time I quit doing Fashion Fridays? It wasn’t intentional – rather it was in the middle of the Minnesota winter and I was pregnant with Liam. Not a whole lot of motivation goin on. haha I’m attempting this again. A little more low key – one pic of every day outfits. This is mostly to keep me accountable not to wear yoga pants every day. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I do it most days so you might see that outfit pop up on a Friday too!

I almost returned this shirt because I felt like a boy in it but there’s something so comfortable and easy about it. And that’s what my wardrobe is about these days!


I love your blog SO MUCH! I’m so happy that you are back! Thank you so much for your blog!
I love you and your sweet family! Wish you all the best!
xoxo Mary <3



I saw it coming for awhile but when it actually came I was surprised it was already here. Walking! He’s upright! But he’s only a baby that just came into the world! Anyway, he’s much too fat to walk, isn’t he?

Somehow time just keeps moving forward and when I reflect on the days, I completely feel like I was the spectator. Just watching time pass by. Watching little hands fill up mine. Watching little legs turn from scooting to toddling. But when I catch myself in those moments, I realize I never was just the spectator. I was a participant. I caught his little body that moment before falling into a corner, I scooped up his tummy when he needed up, I shuffled with him as he held my fingers, and I stretched out my arms just so he would have a victory. Those moments shouldn’t be lost on me. I am fully aware they are precious. So today I’m reminding myself that I didn’t just watch from the sidelines as he reached this milestone, I walked with him! I taught him. I caught him and got him back up. And as many times as he would fall, I knew the day would come when he would do it himself. And that’s the point. Possibly the whole point…of this motherhood thing.


Liam is walking in The Golden Polka Dot mocs and they are our favorite. Only $24.99 and they stay on his little fat feet. If you go now to purchase some or any of their other products, use the code kellyhicks to get 15% off! Yeah. So go do that and psst they have really pretty colors for girls like misty rose, lilac, and lemon.



Missed a couple weeks so trying to get back on track!

A weekly portrait of my boys…

Liam (11 months): Selfies already??
Jack (Threenager): Made a “nest” with pillows in the living room. I learned the hard way not to touch the nest!




A reader recently emailed and asked to see an updated photo of the exterior of our house. (See bigger image here.) You might remember this post I did right after we bought it. It’s been 3 years since we moved in and have done countless projects and DIYs on the outside AND inside. You can see some of those here, here, and here.

Specifically on the exterior, Dustin added those substantial white posts in front – the entire porch overhang was sagging over an inch before we added those! And if you remember we replaced the front door, replaced the exterior lights and painted the mail box. We also re-landscaped the entire front and side yards. Phew.

Here was the posts in progress (of course with our little helper!):

And here was right after we installed our new front door:


Here is the before photo:


Future plans for the exterior (budget allowing) include new windows, a new driveway, and a new light above the garage door.

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