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A weekly portrait of my boys…

It warmed up enough for the snow on our driveway to melt into a huge slushy puddle (of course right before the winter storm hit). Liam refused to wear a hat and mittens and spent his time picking up ice chunks and chucking them. Jack climbed up snow banks, made snow angels, and threw snow balls. The boys were soaked when they came in but had a blast. Yay for a warmer day in the middle of winter.



A weekly portrait of my boys…

It’s so fun watching these boys develop their relationship. One minute Jack is loving on Liam and Liam is not having it, the next minute it’s flipped. Then both fighting, then hugging, then playing together. haha I can’t keep up. I sound like this most of the time: “Stop! Stop! No don’t do that! Okay. Okay. Aww. That’s nice. Okay but don’t do that.”




A weekly portrait of my boys…

Liam (19 months): He loves Talullah so much. She even lets him pet and hold her.
Jack (3 years): He’s been saying the funniest things lately. Yesterday at dinner he says “I was dreaming about having my birthday in Florida!” Me too kid!



I was inspired to make some family goals after hearing some of my friends do the same thing every year with their husbands. Here are our goals for our family this year:

1) Start and finish Baby Step #3

We’ve been following the Dave Ramsey plan for a couple years now and in a few months we will finally be ready to start saving our 3-6 month emergency fund. Yay! It has taken us awhile to get to this step after paying off our debt because we’ve been cash flowing Dustin’s return to school. Once he’s done in March, that extra money can go into our savings. We are really excited about that and it’s our goal to not only start saving but complete this step by the end of the year.

2) Be intentional about date night

We’ve realized this is so important, not just for us but our entire family unit. I’ve noticed we are better parents and in return have a happier home when we get intentional time together. It’s really easy to lose sight of each other with school/work/kids/activities, etc. so making this a priority is another goal for 2016!

3) Pray together Sunday nights

This goal is to take the time together to thank and praise God for everything he has provided us. I think it also helps us get on the same page with our goals, gain perspective in the midst of our busyness, and give it all to God.

4) Get rid of the nuks

I’m ashamed to admit our boys still have pacifiers when they go to bed. I know it’s horrible and I’m probably messing up their teeth, blah, blah, blah but if you had bad sleepers you might do the same. haha! But by Dec 31, 2016 they will be gone from our house!

5) Go on a family vacation

More specifically, we’ve been wanting to get out to Florida to visit Dustin’s parents ever since they retired there 2 years ago. We hope this is the year since Dustin will be done with his crazy school schedule soon. Although I’m hoping to avoid Disney haha!

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