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When we found out we were having a 2nd boy, we decided we didn’t want to buy another crib. That meant Jack would be transitioning into a big boy bed prior to baby’s arrival. This is kind of an overwhelming decision since we weren’t sure how it was going to go and how it was going to affect everyone’s sleep! Not to mention how it would affect his bedtime routine. D and I both had pretty low expectations since Jack has never really been the best sleeper. But we knew we wanted to give him plenty of time to get used to it before his brother came home.  The day we put together Jack’s big bed, you wouldn’t believe his excitement! He kept hopping onto the bed, pulling up the covers and repeating “snuggle!”. It probably helped he “tried out” every single bed at Ikea. haha

The transition has actually gone pretty smooth! He has been in this bed for about a month and half and always stays in bed until he falls asleep. The first week or so, I stayed in there and laid by him until he was asleep so I think that helped the transition. Slowly I started explaining to him Mama had to go to sleep too and then I would lay by him for a couple minutes before leaving the room. D and I were shocked when he actually stayed in there still awake!

We got him a low-to-the-ground bed so we wouldn’t have to worry about him falling out and getting hurt. We also put some pool noodles on either side underneath the fitted sheet. So far so good! The pool noodles really help since often I find him completely sideways on the bed haha. He usually gets out of bed by himself in the morning around 6:30 and comes in our room to snuggle. Don’t mind that at all:).

This room isn’t officially done yet, I’d love to get him a play tent like this and add some baskets to his bookshelf.

If you’re curious on what his room looked like before, check out this post of the nursery.

Source List: Bed, Bedding, Throw Pillows, and Nightstand: Ikea, Basket: Target


Cute room!


hey Kelly! I have a question , will we see you in “American Blogger” or not ?
because I dream to see you in this movie
You are super talented ,very beautiful and THE BEST MOM EVER ! I love your blog with all my heart !
have a GREAT DAY!


Well with less than 7 weeks left, I’m glad we are on to phase 2 of this nursery! If you missed phase 1, take a look here. D put up that feature wall and I love how it turned out. We also put up the crib, woohoo! Getting real now.

My mom and I are working on this quilt. Since she made one for Jack, I really wanted her to make one for boy #2 too. It still has a ways to go but I love how it’s turning out. I ended up deciding on navy as one of the main colors in the room which is why I picked those fabrics. I think the nursery will turn out a little more masculine that I was initially thinking but I’m liking the direction. I guess you never know where the design process will take you.

I moved my cow hide from my living room and laid it down in here. I think it definitely fits better in this nursery. We also moved Jack’s rocker and dresser into here too. Jack now has a big boy room (which I’ll share soon too). D put up some very necessary storage shelves in the closet and now it’s on to the fun stuff… art, bedding, lighting, window coverings, etc!


Loving the blue! I can’t wait to see the whole thing put together. I’m so excited for you guys!! <3

PS, if you are going to Junk Bonanza this year, check out my in-laws booth called Barnyard Blessing Goat Milk Soap. We use their products all the time and it is seriously the best lotion for babies–all natural with minimal ingredients. We use it on Promise all the time.


Getting closer but feeling good! For awhile I’ve been pondering the birth plan decision. If you read my birth story with Jack, you’ll know I ended up having a C-section. So this time around I’ve really had to consider what to plan for… VBAC or a scheduled C-section? Unfortunately, I have struggled with a lot of anxiety and worry over this. My close friends are probably sick of hearing it as a prayer request, haha. But it’s one of those decisions that is not cut and dry. There’s lots of factors to consider with my history and experience with Jack. Fear can be crippling though so I’m praying and *trying* to trust through that. Thankfully, I know I am in good hands either way and am reminding myself that the most important outcome no matter what is a healthy baby boy. We were truly blessed with that the first time:).

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7


Reading “Hypnobirthing” really helped to alleviate all the fears I had about childbirth. My two labors and deliveries were completely different, but using some of the techniques in the book, and just understanding the principles in general, helped me to remain calm and eliminate the fear and stress I had felt. I highly recommend reading that book! And I’ll add you to my prayer list!


First of all, you look fabulous Kelly! Second, I had an emergency c-section with Aliyah, and also had an incredible amount of worry and anxiety over whether I should go with a scheduled c-section, or try to a VBAC with our second. With the encouragement of my doctor, I went for the VBAC and I’m glad I did. (For me, it would have been more stressful anticipating another c-section.) Isaac ended up being two pounds bigger than Aliyah, but it took me about 4 good pushes to deliver him. Much easier than I envisioned! I know every person’s experience is different, but I just thought I would share that in case it might offer some comfort. Ultimately, (and I think you realize this already) you need do what you feel in your heart is the best for you and your family. Will send a prayer your way for a safe and smooth delivery. – Marta


Thank you Courtney! I’ve heard that is a good read :)

Thank you so much for the encouragement Marta! So nice to hear positive outcomes from other Mama’s stories, especially doing the VBAC. Sometimes you feel isolated in the decision so thank you!! :) I hope you and your family are doing well!

I also had an unplanned C-section with my first. I was determined to have a VBAC with my second, and I did!! She was born 4 weeks ago, and the recovery has been infinitely better! I feel so good compared to the C-section recovery- which has been such a blessing because I could use all the energy I can get transitioning to two babes. Plus, it was AMAZING to actually push out my baby. It was incredibly surreal, and I am so thankful I was able to do it! I will say it did help incredibly that I had a supportive doctor, doula and husband. Plus, the power of prayer is such an amazing thing! I’ve never clung to that more than with this last pregnancy, labor, delivery and this crazy newborn stage and it has done wonders for our family. God is such a comfort. :)


Jack thoroughly enjoyed his construction themed birthday party… as you can tell in the photos below! We just had a small gathering with my family but that always feels like a lot of people in our house! We ate Jack’s favorite meal – lasagna and he ate like a champ.  He got a mini Ikea kitchen from Mommy and Daddy, and LOVED his construction-zone cake. We all doned yellow construction hats and had the best time singing and clapping Happy Birthday to him. He knew exactly how to blow out the candles and loved all the attention. That night he wanted to pray for “birthday cake” and “big trucks”. haha

How much fun are birthdays with little people?!

This picture just about sums up his mood that day! I can’t believe I have a 2 year old!


What cute pictures – it looks like the perfect birthday celebration for your little guy. And that cake was awesome!


beautiful pictures . the cake
looks soooo delicious :)

i know it’s a pretty curious question
but what was in the big big colourful
present .?

lots of love .


THanks Sara! The big present was play food for his new kitchen :) A LOT of it. (It’s actually kind of a nightmare cleaning up, thanks for that Nano & Bumba!) :)

looks like he had tons of fun! that cake looks scrumptious! love the idea ;)


That cake looks so delicious! What flavor is it. I’m craving it right now! Nice work on the party. What a great creative but simple idea. I think I’m going to steal this from you for our two year old here soon:) happy birthday Jack!

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