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A couple weeks ago we took a much needed vacation in northern Minnesota with some friends. We rented a 3 bedroom private-owned cabin on Lake Edward. It was perfect for kids because there were no stairs off the back patio and the lake was a football field away from the cabin so we didn’t have to worry about one of the kids disappearing into the lake while we were eating dinner or playing in the yard. They even supplied us with a golf cart to make the trips to the lake easier with coolers and such. That thing was fun to drive too!

Luckily we had great weather and took out the boat everyday. Of course traveling and vacationing with kids is never problem-free! The ongoing joke with our friends who have the same age kids as us was “No we aren’t on a ‘vacation’, we are on a ‘trip’. Big difference. haha I guess it’s all about expectations. Either way the kids had a great time and so did we! Might need to make this a yearly trip:)

I was kind of proud of myself that not only did I bring my “real” camera, I used it! So I had to share these.


These photos are perfection. Some of my favorite photographs are candid ones I take of my family, also.



A weekly portrait of my boys…

A couple weeks ago we took a trip up in northern Minnesota with some friends. Lots of boat time, playing in the sand, and dips in the lake. A great time by all.

Liam: Maybe one of my favorites of him so far.
Jack: If it wasn’t for the floaties, I’d say he was 12.





A weekly portrait of my boys…

Playing catch up over here! Summer is getting away from us. I did take these the 29th week even though I’m posting them now.

Jack (age 3): Started T-ball this month and already loving it.
Liam (age 1): Has to be just like big brother!




Tank: TJ Maxx // Jeans: ASOS // Sandals: TJ Maxx // Necklace: Stella & Dot

Happy Friday!

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen something called #FridayIntroductions. It’s just a way to get to know who you’re following and the hostesses (Lindsay from Hello Hue and Moriah from The Influence Network) ask a new question each week. I’m cheating this week and answering last week’s question:

If you had to be handcuffed to one person for a whole month, who would it be?

Mine for sure is my sister Abby. I am lucky enough to be in the same town as my other sister Hannah but Abby lives in a far off land called Virginia. So if I was handcuffed to her it would mean I would get to see her straight for a whole month! I would imagine it would include lots of laughter, coffee, dubsmash, and possibly some “Abigail!” (that’s what I call her when I’m mad at her). Can you tell I’m the big sister? haha

Miss you Abby! And oh yeah I get to see you Thursday! Woop

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