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So excited to share these with you! I didn’t get maternity photos done with Jack so when I got pregnant with Liam, I knew I wanted photos to capture this special time. I was 33 weeks here, and Liam came at 41 weeks. It’s crazy looking at these now that he is here. Truly a miracle. Thank you Jesus! And Brianna Rannells did an incredible job. I usually prefer to be on the other side of the camera but she made me feel really comfortable and at ease. It was hard to narrow it down – Bri’s use of lighting is amazing. And this cemented my firm belief in maternity photos!:)



Absolutely stunning. I have 4 kids (with NO MORE on the way) and never got maternity pictures taken. I totally regret that now. Nothing more beautiful!

So gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these, what a beautiful mama!


I have so many compliments to give to you. However, I am going to give one that may seem a little odd. You always look like you smell lovely.


These are SO BEAUTIFUL!! As are you!



Lots of change happened for this little guy this past month! I went back to work so he started drinking a bottle and started “sleeping” in his own room and crib. Sleeping is in quotes because ever since then, my 6-hour stretch sleeper has regressed into waking up every hour to 2 hours. We are all a bit exhausted over here. I talked with a NP friend and she said it could be because I went back to work and he is wanting that Mama-time. I remember Jack did the same thing but man it’s rough! We are hoping this phase is over soon!

Liam has rolled over a few times but it’s not consistent just yet. He loves kicking though and trying to grab things with his hands. Everything is starting to go in his mouth and I’m hoping he isn’t teething quite yet. Jack started teething at 4 months though so it’s possible! He is just the happiest little boy in the morning and big brother Jack is always happy to see him too. I love watching them interact. Liam is enamored with him. Jack loves showing him toys and including him. We still have a smashing problem but I do not see that going away. At least Liam will be able to smash him back as he gets older haha!

I’m still pumping/breastfeeding exclusively (yay!). I’m proud of that because it’s a lot of work and planning. I have to pump 3 times a day on work days and I’m also trying to build up a back-up supply in the freezer. It also helps that I am working part-time right now (3 days a week) so my supply goes back up on the days I’m not pumping.

I love my days with just the 2 boys and so thankful I’m able to do that for a little while. It feels like just the right balance. I still try to get out and do something on those days because we all get a little stir crazy being in the house all day. It helps so much when the toddler has something new to do or see. Liam doesn’t mind as long as he can see what’s going on. He doesn’t travel well though so I have to take a lot of deep breaths in the car. He has been known to scream entire car rides. What’s funny though is as soon as he gets out of that car seat and into someone’s hands, he’s content as can be! Silly boy. We love you and your little quirks!




how cute! he is a mini Jack!


This kid is continually cracking us up. I had to write these down – I do not want to forget these insights into this 2 year old’s mind.

On Talullah (our dog):
“I beat Oolly up?”

On meals:
“I eat applesauce naked!”

On grandma’s house:
“I go Nano’s house eat popcorn.”

On playing outside:
“No want go outside. It’s too bright in my eyes!”

On sweets:
“I need chocolate in my mouth!”

The day after celebrating my birthday:
“Where’d your birthday go?”

Telling me what he did that day:
“I farted at GG’s house.”

After watching The Sandlot (thanks for that Mom!):
“Scared a monster doggie!”

On airplanes:
“I fly the airplane? Is that a promise?”

After asking for the iPad:
“Thank you Mommy. You a nice Mommy.”

On bedtime:
“I just wake up!”

Questions for his brother:
“Liam, you get bigger?”



These are all so funny, I don’t think I even have a favorite!! Maybe the bedtime one. The five year old I work with would sometimes stay up and when I catch him (with every light in the room on), he says in all seriousness “But I am sleeping. I sleep with my eyes open sometimes.” Try to argue that! Every time I say “Go to sleep, O” he responds with a “But I AM!”

These are ones I get from Thomas:

Potty training :
Come on Dada, Poo poo time, you sit down

When we are in trouble:
No Dada, not nice, uh uh uhhh – NO PIZZA (last part shouted)

On waking up:
Sophie (new sister) asleep? Why?

Built a train track with mother:
Good job mummy, high five

what a cutie! this age is just the best


Hahaha that is too cute Anna!

David – the “no pizza” is the best haha!


Adorable! And, what a great idea! Documenting the kiddo’s -isms. Something to cherish later in life for sure :)


Thought it was the perfect time to share some of our summer memories since I’m back to work now. This is my first week back so I am reminiscing about the past 10 weeks I had with my boys. Let me tell you, that first month was tough. I felt like a fish out of water. I remember the first day Dustin had to go back to work and I was all alone with both boys. I sat in bed with both of them and looked at my husband and half-jokingly (but mostly serious) pleaded “Don’t leave!”. After he left, I remember thinking okay what do I do next? Feed the baby? Get dressed? Get Jack dressed? I’m so confused. haha Slowly we figured it out. I found that leaving the house was exactly what the doctor ordered. Going to the park, walks, playdates, anything to make some structure out of the day. And coffee and naptime was great for my sanity :). Thankfully Liam is a content little guy and Jack has done great with the transition. Don’t get me wrong, there was lots of frustrating toddler moments and newborn crying but I started to settle in and be “okay” with those crazy moments. It’s a on-going learning process of grace!

But I’m so grateful we’ve had lots of sunshine and smiles. And now for a photo dump!

Can’t believe we are now a family of four!!


Such sweet pictures! It looks like it was a beautiful 10 weeks full of lots of great memories :)

Best wishes on your first week back to work! It can be so tough to transition back into that way of thinking for sure. Your summer looks like it was awesome and you look beautiful!

I love the photos-it looks like you’re doing a wonderful job!


Love seeing all the pics! Lovely family of four!

Which double stroller did you pick and how do you like it?

Mariel Robles

beautiful pics!. What brand of stroller do you have?


Thanks Mariel! I have a Baby Jogger – City Select! We love it!


Everywhere I go people have been asking, how is having 2?? Here’s a little glimpse:

  • Forgetting the toddler’s shoes
  • Taking 2 hours to get out of the house
  • Only crossing off 1 thing on the to do list Tossing out the to do list
  • Singing Daniel Tiger
  • PB&J everyday
  • Crashing at 9pm
  • Diapers, diapers, diapers!
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee:)
  • Repeating “Be gentle! Stop smashing your brother!”
  • Deep breaths
  • Laughs
  • Cries (not just the babes!)

Let me tell you, it’s no piece of cake… but it’s not all chaos either (thank goodness!) Some days are easy, some days are hard, some hours are chaotic, some hours are peaceful, some minutes are frustrating, some minutes are precious. It’s all a learning process but I am so grateful for these boys. They sure are going to keep me on my toes (and knees!!).


I couldn’t agree more. Some days are great and others I just want to scream and pull my hair out. It gets better and better every day. :) Sounds like you are doing great! Your boys are precious! :)

Our second little boy is 2 weeks old tomorrow and I can already relate to every bit of what you said. It’s the hardest yet most rewarding job there is. :) Our oldest just turned 2 last week and so I love keeping up with your boys…we are just a few months behind you! :-)

loved this! sounds scary and lovely at the same time ;)

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