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Thought it was the perfect time to share some of our summer memories since I’m back to work now. This is my first week back so I am reminiscing about the past 10 weeks I had with my boys. Let me tell you, that first month was tough. I felt like a fish out of water. I remember the first day Dustin had to go back to work and I was all alone with both boys. I sat in bed with both of them and looked at my husband and half-jokingly (but mostly serious) pleaded “Don’t leave!”. After he left, I remember thinking okay what do I do next? Feed the baby? Get dressed? Get Jack dressed? I’m so confused. haha Slowly we figured it out. I found that leaving the house was exactly what the doctor ordered. Going to the park, walks, playdates, anything to make some structure out of the day. And coffee and naptime was great for my sanity :). Thankfully Liam is a content little guy and Jack has done great with the transition. Don’t get me wrong, there was lots of frustrating toddler moments and newborn crying but I started to settle in and be “okay” with those crazy moments. It’s a on-going learning process of grace!

But I’m so grateful we’ve had lots of sunshine and smiles. And now for a photo dump!

Can’t believe we are now a family of four!!

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