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When realtor Genna approached me with this complete branding project, all she had was a name, Picket Fence Realty. I was really inspired by her company name so everything we did flowed from there. Her company is a boutique realty company serving many first-time home buyers so she wanted her brand to evoke independence, the American dream, and “coming home”. She wanted the logo to be simple, clean, with a tiny touch of femininity. When she mentioned being inspired by the little blue Tiffany’s box, I knew she had picked the right designer ;). I absolutely love our final result and definitely think she will stand apart from her competitors!

I also got to design all her stationary and signage. That included her business card, letterhead, notecard, shopping list, for sale sign, and open house sign. I definitely wouldn’t mind putting up Genna’s sign in my yard! How pretty considering most realty signs out there today!

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