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Sorry I’ve been a bad blogger this week! It has been a crazy here in Atlanta, I’ve either been in workshops or dinner dates and literally have had no down time. I don’t mind the busyness because it gives me no time to think about how much I miss my family! I fly in tonight and am very excited to catch up on all the Jack snuggling I missed!

One of the highlights from this trip was being able to meet up with this lady, Jamie of Julia’s Poppies. It’s not often I get to ‘talk shop’ with other designers especially when the designer is also a fellow believer and friend! One of the things we talked about in length about was life goals, defining passions, and living out your dreams. Since becoming a mom, I have been struggling with defining what those things are and feeling the need to have a specific focus. Jamie pointed out that I may be trying to box myself in and we are meant to be boxed in. It’s okay to just do what I enjoy and let things happen naturally. What a freeing thought!

Now home here I come…!

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