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FASHION FRIDAY | date night

I’ve literally had this corduroy blazer since high school. Every time I think about getting rid of it, I don’t. But I’m kind of glad because once in awhile I pull it out like today. I think it’s still basic enough to keep wearing :). I do however have a new hair style! The bangs are back. I may regret this when I want to grow them out again but for now it’s a good change. I also tried out the ombre! I was hoping it wasn’t too “over” yet since I’ve been waiting to try it out. Thoughts??

I’m wearing…

Blazer: Rampage
Tunic: Target
Jeans: F21
Pumps: Target

In other news, D and I are going out for our first baby-free date night tonight! We have awesome friends who volunteered to babysit. I am now seeing how easy it would be to put your marriage second after kids so I think it’s important to be intentional about time together. Plus I’m looking forward to not inhaling my food because a Mr. So-and-So has to eat too ;).

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