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Jack is a month old! After lots of you said you liked the idea of continuing to write letters to baby Jack, I decided to write one for each month until he’s is a year old. Thanks Breeanna G. for the suggestion :). As I reflect back on this past month, I can’t believe how much has changed! Jack has become the #1 priority which means emails, blog posts, laundry, and even finishing my makeup routine has taken a back seat. I have come to realize I need to surrender my wants to Jack’s needs – sometimes this is easier than others! But his cute chubby cheeks and little noises make it worth it! To feel like I accomplished some things during the day, I try to write 5-6 things on a post it and cross it out as I go. Sometimes I cross out 1 thing, other times 3 things – I have yet to cross off all of them! Ha

I have definitely become a little more relaxed and comfortable with Jack being here. At first I had a lot of anxiety especially leaving the house – both with him and without him. But it feels nice to start feeling more calm, even when he cries. I know it doesn’t do any good to get stressed. Now I feel a little more equipped to know what to do when he cries. I know being a Mom is a never-ending learning process so I’m trying to keep that in mind :). And look at us – we made it a month!

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