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I’ve been wanting to show you these! Is it weird I designed my own baby shower invitations? Haha Well ever since I figured out what type of style I wanted to do the baby room in, I thought it would be cool if the baby shower followed suit :). My sister who is throwing the shower for me loved the idea. The theme is woodland. I had some fun using my tablet for these invites and kept the rest really simple. I used dark brown envelopes and my mom addresses them with gold pen – she has the best handwriting ever!

It has been baby shower fever over here with my mom, sister, and aunt getting ready for the shower! I can’t believe all their amazing ideas – I’m so excited to show you the end result! Stay tuned for that!

p.s. I realize the date is wrong and Saturday is actually the 3rd. Blame it on baby brain I guess πŸ˜›

  • Kristi Mahn

    I sooo wish I could be there :( It’s my mom’s bday on the 3rd and I have grad school that morning as well. Kelly, I hope you feel very special and loved and are “showered” with all sorts of great things for baby Hicks. Me and Jo’s gift is in the mail!ReplyCancel

  • These are totally gorgeous! I love the organic look and the contrast of the white ink on the natural paper.

    Woodland is such a great idea for a child’s room. I’ll probably go with oceanic whenever my time comes, but woodland would be close second.

    – LindsayReplyCancel

  • They look amazing. I love your paper choice, rustic & so sophisticated. :] ReplyCancel

  • Judy


  • Patty

    very cute and originalReplyCancel

  • These are very cute! And don’t worry… I designed my own baby shower invitation too… it’s not weird at all! I also made mine match the nursery. :) Can I ask how you printed the white on the kraft paper? What type of printer and ink?ReplyCancel

  • Thanks Heather! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who designed my own shower invites! There’s actually no such thing as white ink so I made it look like it was printed on kraft paper but really it’s a printed texture :) I was really happy with how it printed though since it looks like kraft paper!ReplyCancel

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  • Jillalison

    I was wondering if you sell these invitations? I am hosting a baby shower for a friend and I think these are georgous baby shower invites!!! Maybe in Pink and white instead?

    Thank you for your time and attention and congratulations on having a baby!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jess

    Hi Kelly!! Lovee your woodland theme for your baby shower! My sister in laws nursery the is that so we want to do her shower like that! How exactly did you design your invites? Did you use a special program? And can I ask where you got the woodland creature masks for the photo booth?? Thank you so much!ReplyCancel

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