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I started writing this one day and just kept going… hope you enjoy part 1 πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: The following takes place at a time in our lives that we weren’t living for Christ. While we knew what was right, we weren’t passionately following after Him. I hope you take that into consideration while reading.


I didn’t want a boyfriend. I had just turned 21 and it was the start of my 4th year of college. My parents had just moved me into a new house with new roommates. Roommates I could actually go out with since I was now β€˜of age’. The week before classes start is especially crazy and fun. Everyone was out. Everyone was excited to be back. School spirit was in the air and it was still warm enough to wear tiny skirts and grill out with friends.

It was the 2nd night of going out with my roommates and I had already developed a bad habit of somehow losing them between bar hops. But I was having too much fun to care. I wanted to dance. The best place for dancing was OB also known as Off Broadway. I found myself on the dance floor and then next thing I knew there he was. Oh he’s cute I thought. Oh he can dance good! See I have a weakness for guys who can dance. He mentioned he was a bad dancer. Oh please I thought. β€œI wouldn’t be dancing with you if you were a bad dancer.” I said. That’s when the flirting began. As bar close quickly crept up, he took my hand and whisked me out the back door. β€œWhere are we going?” I asked. He was talkative. So talkative that he apparently didn’t respond to my question. As we walked to who knows where, he talked. Talked and talked and talked some more. He asked me lots of questions about myself. Sometimes he would ask the same question twice in which case I would laugh and say β€œyou already asked me that”. But he was funny and for some reason I kept walking. We eventually ended up in front of his house. At that moment I was a little annoyed he didn’t walk me to MY house. He asked if I wanted to come in. No I thought. I don’t do that. I don’t go into strange guys houses that I just met. No I would walk home. β€œUm sure” I said.

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