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This was a really fun project to do. A great way to spruce up some old boring  flip flops for summer! I didn’t even have to buy any materials since my mom already had these Old Navy flip flops she didn’t want, twine, and some fun vintage fabric. It was super easy to do and there are so many different ways it could be done!

To start I wrapped and tied the twine around each side of the flip flop. To make the ankle part, I tied more twine around the base of each side and braided it. Then I wrapped the fabric around the braid and tied the end in a knot. For the front of the flip flop, I tied more fabric around the middle and used a little hot glue to keep it in place.

Wouldn’t they look pretty with a light summer dress? I can’t wait til it gets warm out!

There’s several ways you could wear tie these too…

I’d love to hear if you try this – a good little weekend project:)


Such a fun DIY! I’m pretty sure I have most of the materials around my room somewhere so I totally want to try this! 😀

Ashley Donde

These are soooo cute! Does the twine hurt when it rubs against your skin? Such a creative and cute idea.

LOVE this!! Such a great idea.

This is adorable! I have all the materials lying around my apartment and I’m soooo making a pair!


This is such a cute idea! I can’t wait to try this and turn my boring flip flops into super cute ones!

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What a great idea. I hate plastic flip flops; they always give me blisters, but with this idea, I can dress them up AND take care of the discomfort in one crafty step. Thanks!


I would like to ask how u tied and wrapped the twine around the sides of the flip flop …?


Tiffany – I took 3 strands of twine and looped them around the side, tied a knot and then braided it together. Hope that helps!

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What a fun, easy and cheap DIY. Thank you so much for sharing and I want to make one for me and my girl. So Fun!

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