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D and I had way too much fun last night with my new mac. Photobooth could seriously entertain me for hours.

p.s. D and I both got new glasses yesterday. I’m pretty much obsessed with mine and yes they are prescription! I think they add a nice touch to the pictures, haha.

And to prove we don’t actually look like cartoon characters:

abigail mcwaters

you got a mac?! i want oneeeee.
love the one with dad haha

These are real sexy looks, Kelly :) hehe

OMG, Kelly! These are hilarious! The second one reminds me of a character in Ghostbusters 2. The fourth one looks like like Frankenstein fell in love with a Conehead. 😉 The fifth one reminds me of Beatlejuice. And the tenth one is just way too cute for words! Glad to see you guys are doing well!

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