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Recently my mom asked me to design a centerpiece for her dining room table. I was actually inspired by this fashion friday post with the different textures, the muted colors, and the feeling of very early spring.

I started by finding the cool glass dome in her basement. Then I sketched out some ideas. I’m a big believer of using the materials around you and I knew my dad had tons of wood scraps in his shop so I decided to make some wood candlesticks. D helped me drill the holes in them and sand them down. Then I lightly stained them. I wanted them at all different heights so they looked more organic.

I bought the candlesticks at Michael’s. For the base, I had my dad saw a piece off a big log he had in his firewood pile. I actually had to glue the bark back on but a little hot glue fixed that. To add a little more interest to the base, I loosely wrapped some knotted twine around the dome.

For the runner, I found this fabric right by the muslin at Hobby Lobby and just cut it to fit the length of the table. Since I wanted it to have a natural feel, I didn’tΒ  bother with sewing and even frayed the ends a little – soo easy!

For the side pieces, I had D drill small holes in two logs and stuck some pretty fake flowers in them. I have no green thumb – I’m all about fake flowers ;).

I’d love to hear what you think! When I showed my mom last night, she loved it! Hope you do too! I encourage all of you to get inspired by what you see around you. I think this project is a big reflection of my surroundings. That makes me really happy since I know that inspiration can be found anywhere you go!


love it!!! i wish we had lots of big trees here. maybe i’ll have to make a cactus centerpiece πŸ˜‰ actually i think something with river rock from the wash would be cute and az appropriate. you are so creative, kelly!

Cori Friezen

Can you come back to AZ and design one for us?

Love how you brought the outdoors inside! Great rustic feel! I just read your comment from today and then this post… YES…gotta love unexpected inspiration!! :)


I love it! I have glass domes everywhere in my house…and those round wood bases as well! Weird how our styles are so similiar :)

I love this!! I keep seeing the glass domes everywhere but I love adding the wood bases:)

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