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Within 1 month, D interviewed for a job, was offered the job, accepted the job, moved (both of us) to Minnesota and in with my parents. Phew.

Honestly I never knew my whole life could change that fast. Wow. I had been in denial the past couple weeks but alas it came to a head Tuesday night while I was waiting for my flight to Minneapolis from Bentonville where I was for work. While sitting in front of the Delta gate labeled MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, I all of a sudden got short of breath and really HOT. I quickly took my wool coat off and tried not to think about how I wasn’t going home to warm Tucson, lovely friends and my cute, comfortable home. I was going to the frigid cold and into a life I didn’t know yet. It hadn’t hit me til then. My whole life was changing and it was up to me to roll with it. I started playing out scenarios in my head that would somehow eventually end us back in Arizona but every scenario fell short of reality and the fact that D had been offered a exciting opportunity right out of school.

So here I am in Rochester, Minnesota, the town I grew up in and left at 18. Now I’m back. And while there continues to be “what ifs”, I know that this is where my adventure continues…

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I'm Kelly, a designer at IBM Interactive and shop owner at Waterfolk Goods. I live in Minnesota with my husband, our 2 boys and tiny dog.



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