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You have probably seen glass magnets before and I’ve always thought they were so cute! I was actually going to buy some but decided to make my own instead. It was so simple and there are endless possibilities. All you need is decorative glass beads with a flat side, glass glue, magnets, somewhat thick paper, and a scissors. I used recycled magnets, craft paper, and magazine cut outs but you could also design something online and print it out or draw something by hand.

Just trace the glass bead onto the paper and magnet, cut them both out and use the glass glue to adhere the paper in between the magnet and the glass. Make sure to press down until you can’t see any of the glue on the paper. Don’t hang them until they have dried for a couple hours because the glue stays slippery for awhile. Aren’t they pretty?

To spell my name, I cut out letters in a magazine. You like? Let me know if you try this!

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I'm Kelly, a designer at IBM Interactive and shop owner at Waterfolk Goods. I live in Minnesota with my husband, our 2 boys and tiny dog.



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