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Did you guess right yesterday? I know I’m not the first person to do a yarn wreath but I really wanted to try one so here’s my version. Do you like it? It was fairly easy and I think I like how it turned out. It reminds me of spring. Plus I was excited to I finally have another wreath on my door since the last time I had one on there was for Christmas!

All you will need is yarn, a foam wreath, 2 types of fabric, and some pearl beads. Here’s the how-to:

Step 1: Cut pieces of yarn about a yard and a half long and wrap them close together around the foam circle.

Step 2: Tie the ends of yarn in a knot in the back. These first 2 steps take the longest – especially if you weren’t very smart like me and picked thin yarn!

Step 3: To make the first kind of flowers, cut strips of fabric about an inch and a half wide.

Step 4: Start gathering the fabric forming a circle while holding it with your thumb.

Step 5: Trim the end of the strip and sew the center of the gathered fabric.

Step 6: Add a bead to the center of the flower.

Step 7: To make the other kind of flowers, start by cutting out 4 circles. (Mine were all the same size)

Step 8: Fold each of the circles in half and start by layering 1 on top of another one.

Step 9: This part is a little tricky – take the other 2 circles and fit them in between the other two like a puzzle piece.

Step 10: Now pinch the layered circles and then sew the center together. That should finish that flower.

Step 11: Put a little hot glue in the center of the back of the flowers in order to attach them to the wreath.

Step 12: Place the flowers in a cluster on one side of the wreath.

Step 13: I thought it still needed a little something so I cut 3 strips of fabric and tied them to the other side of the wreath.

Then hang it on your door and you are done!

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